RT @theonlinecenter: Alternative 3: Evidence that we Landed on Mars in 1962 http://tinyurl.com/ydq9stt <==== ok whatever.

Should I workout today?

Ok folks I’m gonna drag myself out of bed and into the kitchen. Goodmorning.;)

From @msnbc: Russia offers no clarity on adoptions freeze http://bit.ly/bqFXWU

From @msnbc: How far off are real ‘superhero’ powers? http://bit.ly/bhYqyr

Let no debt remain outstanding except the continuing debt 2 love 1 another 4 he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.- Romans 13:8

Sippin on some Green Tea W lots of Lemon Umm. Finishing off a productive day. Check the Vid Luv Crime by @JessicaCelious http://ow.ly/1zxJR

From @msnbc: Hill: LeBron’s rise from star to ‘Chosen One’ http://bit.ly/baPTHi

If the Beatles and Tori Amos had a child raised in Russia by Tchaikovsky… that would be @marinav Checkout her CD #Mystar http://ow.ly/1zscm

RT @pinky26: #FF @blisstunes @bonnycross @rivasucks @omarbitch @lliswerryguy @cri333 @turtlescanrun @inspiremetoday @cozz @dajedimaster…

RT @songsrme: @blisstunes Rich in Jesus! :) Nice good call…:)

RT @DaJediMaster: RT @pinky26: #FF @blisstunes @bonnycross @rivasucks @omarbitch @lliswerryguy @cri333 @turtlescanrun @inspiremetoday…

RT @WillWonk: RT @DaJediMaster: RT @pinky26: #FF @blisstunes @bonnycross @rivasucks @omarbitch @lliswerryguy @cri333 @turtlescanrun…

OmG..It’s friday already.hangin here at Starbucks..I got lots of work done here yesterday. so it’s me the BUCks and my laptop for a bit. HI!

I think the biggest #Rouse in the Urban music industry is the concept of #FREE BEATS.

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